Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Biomaterial is defined as a substance that has been engineered to interact with components of living system for both therapeutic and diagnostic purpose. Biomaterials are natural components or it can be synthesized in the laboratory employing metals, ceramics, polymers and composite materials. Biomaterials covers the fundamentals of medicine, biology, chemistry, tissue engineering and materials science. The biomaterial science also includes polymer synthesis, drug design, self-assembly of materials, immunology and toxicology. Biomaterials has its wide usage in drug delivery, dental application, surgery and regenerative medicine that mimics the natural function.  The current research focuses on combining biomedical science and material engineering to produce materials for numerous medical application. The application of biomaterials includes joint replacements, stents, vascular grafts, Heart valves, bone plate, bone cement, dental implants, breast implants, surgical sutures, etc.,


  • Biotechnology and Molecular Bioscience
  • Resorbable biomaterials
  • Biochemical System and Processes
  • Biomimetic materials
  • Surface properties of biomaterials
  • Surface properties of biomaterials
  • Bio-inorganic nanomaterials
  • Computational studies of biomaterials
  • Soft materials
  • Biophysics
  • novel bioproducts & bioreactors
  • design and construct novel “programmable” cells
  • cheap & scalable bioprocesses
  • bioprocess synthesis, optimization and simulation
  • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  • functional scaffolds to provide extracellular microenvironment
  • non-intrusive monitoring and analysis of functional biological substitutes
  • subtle micromanipulation of extracellular cues
  • high-performance purification and stem-cell proliferation systems
  • Biological interactions with nanomaterials
  • Biosensing and bioimaging
  • Drug and DNA targeting delivery
  • Biosensing and bioimaging
  • Multiscale Materials Modelling
  • Biomaterials and Biominerals
  • Methodology Development
  • Silicon Nano-biotechnology
  • Nano/Micro-Structured Materials for Energy and Biomedical Applications

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